Monday, December 7, 2009

"14 days to seal history's judgement....'

Above are  the logos of 56 newspapers in 45 countries and today they are running, for the first time in history, a common editorial on a subject regarded as the most important to mankind this century, or as one puts it "We do so because humanity faces a profound emergency."

No-it isn't an announcement of the re-uniting of Peter Andre and Jordon. It's all about climate change (what else ?). Where does this leave new Federal Opposition Leader, budgie smuggler clad Tony Abbott who has surfed in on a wave of climate change denial with his Liberal Party moisten eyed in ecstasy at what they perceive as a New Leader who will deliver them from the wilderness of the opposition backbenches and probable oblivion in 2010 ?. Probably up the creek.

Read the UK Guardian's piece on the editorial and see if you can spot the Aussie tabloid in the pic above.