Saturday, November 28, 2009

top Aussies..

The Sydney Morning Herald's Good Weekend magazine has published it's list of the Most Influential Australians of the past 50 years and feminist Germaine Greer has come out tops, chosen by a panel of 8 judges that included conservative historian Geoffrey Blainey, former Labor Party chairman and top egghead Barry Jones and publisher Louise Adler.

Greer was chosen  "for revolutionising how women thought about themselves and forcing men to rethink women, too." Coming in third is the antique clock collector and former Labor PM Paul Keating for "formenting the culture wars and refashioning the economy". 

 Scot's born chef and best-selling cook-book writer Margaret Fulton, philosopher Peter Singer and builder A.V.Jennings received kudos for changing the way people cook, think and view homes they live in.
Writer Patrick White, much beloved by intellectuals earned a guernsey and the singing budgie Kylie Minogue clocked in at number 20 for, as Blainey puts it : "showing what the girl next door could do"