Wednesday, November 25, 2009

pretty in pink

As Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull survives a leadership spill-for now, that lovely lass from the Welsh village of Barry, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard is featured in the new Christmas edition of the Australian Women's Weekly out tomorrow.

Gillard 48, one the countries most popular political figures who has impressed many in her tough role as Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and is tipped to be the next, and first female PM, shows off her soft side as she describes returning to her father's mining village in Wales to visit relatives.

Living with hairdresser Tim Mathieson Gillard,a former left-wing socialist leader is regarded as stodgy PM Kevin Rudd's best asset. Liberal knockers who have described the pic (above) as a "publicity stunt" can look forward to the article on their very own shadow treasurer Joe Hockey in the same mag who is bathed in a pink glow as he describes the joys of fatherhood.