Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lion King

Christian the Lion's John Rendall has landed back in town for a few months to work on the next stage of the growing industry surrounding the dead Kings Road feline.

Rendall and his partner, Anthony 'Ace' Bourke, a descendant of the controversial Irish Governor of NSW, Sir Richard Bourke, found world-wide fame when a grainy film of them greeting their former pet lion Christian, who they had returned to Africa in the care of animal conservationist George Adamson, greeted them like a long lost friend. The youtube film was viewed by millions.

At Saturday's Paspaley Polo in The Park , Rendall filled in the Shuttle with the latest plans that include  a feature film,, a lecture tour and a range of children's toys. Rendall's 2 sons are studying at a local school and university.

Rendall also has a daughter Tallulah by London publicist Liz Brewer who is starring in the current Ladette to Lady TV show where rough Aussie gals are 'finished off' after a good dressing down by Brewer and others  in the imaginary Eggleston Hall Finishing School. Observant viewers of the high camp show have noticed how portraits and furniture in the series seems to move from room to room. The heritage listed house is available for weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs.

The unruly lasses receive a nicely framed diploma after a winner is chosen as Chief Ladette to Lady by a bunch of new age aristocrats that include former used car dealers and Colonel Blimp  types who pass these days for the landed gentry, along with the delightful Lady Georgia Campbell.