Saturday, November 28, 2009

handy guide to those climate skeptic Liberal Party MPs

As featured in Climategate in the

Tony Abbott MP: known as the 'Mad Monk'. Disciple of the late Catholic powerbroker , communist conspiracy nutter,anti-capitalist and Franco & Mussolini admirer B.A.Santamaria-who caused the split within the Labor Party that kept it out of power for 2 decades. The Mad Monk looks like doing the same favour to his Liberal Party.

Senator Erca Abetz : known as the Tasmanian Devil  Born in Stuttgart, West Germany and makes Attila the Hun look like a Girl Guide. Great-nephew of SS-Brigadef├╝hrer Otto Abetz, Nazi German ambassador to Vichy France from 1940 to 1944.

Sophe Mirrabella MP : "Ginger Group" member who wants tax cuts for the rich and reduced spending.on the poor. Denies there was a 'Stolen Children Generation' and when pregnant was told by Labor's Belinda Neal MP in Parliament "if you think evil thoughts you will give birth to a devil "
Senator Nick Minchin : Liberal Party Senate leader and right-winger who wants compulsory voting abolished, total privatisation of anything not nailed down and abolition of labour market controls. Famous quote as the infamous WorkChoices went down in flames at the last general election : "The Australian public don't seem to agree with our policies-in fact they violently disagree"

Tony Smith MP : former research assistant at the conservative think tank Institute of Public Affairs Championed the abolition of compulsory student union fees for which a decade of new university students vow to never forgive him for. No other distinguishing features.