Monday, November 9, 2009

great master at work..

His works don't hang in the more sedate galleries but he was a surprise guest at television producer Mike Goldman's 37th birthday at the Sahria Restaurant at Bondi Beach on Saturday night. Goldman has been host an numerous radio shows and did the voice-overs for Big Brother and the terrifying British show filmed in Northern NSW-"I'm A Celebrity Get me Out Of Here".

Looking a bit like a young Rod Stewart, we present portrait artist Pricasso. Pricasso has a unique act-he dips his foreskin in paint and whips up a portrait of a guest in around 20 minutes. He does it nude.With a strategically placed palette. Pricsso's pretty popular at Sexpos and erotic fairs in far flung places like Johannseburg , Sao Paulo and Mexico City. He traces his pedigree back to 1550 and is descended from a long line of noted British surgeons named Patch.

Quite what they would think of their descendant Timothy Patch and his penis paintings is anyone's guess. At least he still continues the family's interest in physiology. Pricasso produces his own paints-we didn't dare ask how, and needs a week or 2 off between appearances because of "wear and tear".

here is the prick artist at work :