Tuesday, November 3, 2009

fascinators at ten paces...

To use that tired old phrase as every newspaper tries to get in first-'the race that stops a nation'-the Melbourne Cup is upon us today.

The recession is still biting as it's reported the famous marquees of the Birdcage at Flemington race course have about halved. Party hopping will be at a minimal as the favourite half-way watering hole, the Moet & Chandon tent has vanished. Instead the only lavish catering on hand appears to be the Emirates Marquee which has a Bollywood theme.

Celebritites are at a minimum although a few have clocked in-ex-Pamela Anderson hubby Tommy Lee is a "celebrity DJ", Liza Minelli making brief appearances, Ronan Keating and Dutch violinist Andre Rieu who seems to have adopted Australia as his second home and horse mad Royal Zara Phillips. No Cup would be complete without an assortment of soapie stars. weather forecasters and Lady Sonia McMahon but absent this year is Queer Eye's Carlson Kressley who has been at the last 3.

The Shuttle has reported the Cup for Hello magazine in the past and once brought out British miliner David Shilling for Myers. He proved to be a big hit.This year's guest is current favourite Phillip Somerville.

 Let the gambling begin..

Andre Rieu