Friday, October 9, 2009

when media moguls collide..

                               Sam Chisholm                                                 David Leckie

Days out from the launch of Paul Barry's James Packer biography comes news of a  confrontation at the Opera House's Bennelong Restaurant at a party to  celebrate the career of 5'2" powerhouse and former Channel Nine boss and Packer associate Sam Chisholm.

As David Leckie-the man who is credited with bringing the Channel Seven network to the fore on behalf of billionaire owner Kerry Stokes  (and rewarded with yearly $10M bonuses)-approached the son of his former boss Kerry Packer , James rounded on Leckie and told him to "f**k off' in front of startled on-lookers and then invited Leckie outside to "sort this out".

James Packer is apparently furious over Channel 7's coverage of his business affairs. Leckie, who once worked for Packer and who has not long recovered from an unfortunate incident where a car door slammed on his finger which turned septic and became a life and death emergency, remained calm.

As the 2  6'2" media moguls stood nose to nose, tiny Sam, known as Little Rambo in board rooms and worth over $100M calmly reached for another drink.