Tuesday, October 20, 2009

W*nking For Art's Sake

While John Safran's new ABC, TV series Race Relations is garnering heaps of controversy over some of the scenes-Safran sniffing the underwear of celebrities and one where he masturbates for the camera (yet to be screened), criticism comes from a former foe whose autobiography the Shuttle has had a sneak preview of.

Current affairs host Ray Martin gives Safran a 3 page serve in his up coming book Stories From My Life to be released in early November. Safran and Martin famously clashed a few years ago when Safran was discovered going through Martin's garbage bins looking for evidence of something, anything, similar to investigator's for Martin's then tabloid show A Current Affair.

Martin describes Safran in most unflattering terms including "with his high pitched voice" which could be explained by the fact Martin attempted to throttle Safran at the time after he caught him-all filmed for John's then show John Safran-Media Tycoon.

Safran was 'discovered' as one of the most amusing contestants in Race Around the World where competitors travelled world-wide competing for who could film the most outrageous footage.

Safran's memorable moments including streaking naked through Jerusalem-much to the annoyance of angry locals despite Safran's pleas"I am Jewish!"- being baptised in Africa, having a Voodoo curse put on his former girlfriend, sneaking into Disneyland and attaching small memorial plaques to the rides proclaiming Walt Disney's alleged support for Hitler ( some remained in place for a month ) and the stunt that got him disqualified from the show-filming as he took confession with a priest ( hidden camera footage wasn't allowed in the show.

Early this year Safran had himself flogged and crucified in the Philippines during Easter. A pilot for a new show which never made it to air was titled John Safran: Master Chef where he first cooked a delicious beef steak and then visited an abattoir and filmed the whole process from start to finish of a cow being slaughtered and diced. Not for the squeamish.

Safran's first successful series was in 2003,John Safran Vs God,where he had himself exorcised in front of the cameras by a Catholic priest.

Ray Martin's book is to be launched at the Leichhardt Town Hall on November 4th.

The Safran Crucifixion