Saturday, October 31, 2009

stocking fillers

A week of book launches as everyone who is anyone gets their book out for Christmas. Peter Fitzsimmon's biography of flying pioneer Kingsford Smith looks like it will outsell the rest with TV host Ray Martin's autobiography a runner-up with a 100,000 print run.

'Super-agent' Harry M. Miller's "Confessions of a Not So Secret Agent' written with Rolling Stone & FMH managing editor Peter Holder should be a winner as well.

Written in a question and answer style it's a witty run down of Harry's 40 years as a show-biz promoter, manager and confidante of those whose careers fall upon difficult times like Lindy Chamberlain who was jailed and released over the sensational disappearance of her baby Azaria at Ayers Rock in the infamous Dingo Baby case ( Meryl Streep played her in Evil Angels) along with Stuart Diver who
Harry M. Miller above with Lindy Chamberlain

was trapped for days in the Thredbo snow avalanche disaster. Toss in a few affairs with his clients-Shirley Bassey and others and endless anecdotes about Harry's tours with everyone from Chubby Checker to the Rolling Stones. The 70's style club Kit'n'Caboodle in Kings Cross was the perfect location for a gathering of media heavyweights to toast Harry M.

(right) TV boss David Leckie, Deeta Colvin, Womans Weekly editor Deborah Thomas and radio king Alan Jones.

Christian the Lion's Ace Bourke & Vitek

Fashion heavyweights Peter Morrisey and Maggie Tabberer with media mogul Charles Curran