Tuesday, October 6, 2009

shoot the messenger...

And that's what 'building consultant' Mick Gatto did when professional hit man  Andrew'Benji' Veanamin called to deliver a message to Gatto at his Carlton restaurant in 2004.

Gatto shot him dead as a door nail in a storeroom, claimed self-defense and the jury accepted it. It was a featured scene in the famous TV series 'Underbelly' which chronicled the series of mafia style murders in Melbourne during the 1990's as around 24 underworld figures bumped each other off-often in broad daylight, once in front of kids at a Saturday afternoon soccer game as 2 men were blasted to death with shotguns.

The second series Underbelly 2 followed up with their Sydney counterparts, who comprised Sydney's underworld during the 1970's to the 1990's. Now Underbelly 3 is currently being filmed and will concentrate on the current crop of young entrepreneurs who seem to rule the roost around Sydney's nightclub scene although they claim they are merely very successful and misunderstood businessmen.

Readers may recall the sister of one such suspect was arrested a few weeks ago when her humble suburban house was raided and $3.5M in cash was found concealed in the ceiling. Perhaps a forgetful former tenant left it behind.

                                           Men In Black-Gatto (right) leaves a colleague's funeral

Gatto launches his auto-biography "I, Mick Gatto" at the very respectable Border's bookshop in Chatswood this Thursday. Last night it was unveiled in Melbourne's chic Italian restaurant Florentino Grossi.

I'm told there were lot's of very large men in dark suits, wearing sunglasses.