Saturday, October 31, 2009

a mystery deepens..

As the founder of Warner Music Australia, Peter Ikin was loved and respected by artists like Elton John, Billy Joel and Rod Stewart.
But when the popular music and record company identity died suddenly a year ago in a Paris hotel, friends were not only distressed but mystified upon hearing he had wed a former boyfriend, Frenchman Alexandre Despallieres in a civil ceremony just weeks before.

A greater shock was to come-Ikin had left his multi-million dollar fortune to Despallieres but not before emailing friends and a relative, nephew Father Gary Perritt that he was becoming increasingly wary of his new partner. According to Perritt, Despalliere had told Ikin he was now a dot com millionaire and was dying slowly from a mystery illness and convinced Ikin they should make each other beneficiaries of their respective wills. As Ikin's executor, Despalliere had Peter's body cremated shortly after an autopsy had been conducted in Paris. The gossip amongst friends is that Ikin's death was preceded by a fall down some stairs. Despallieres returned immediately to London after the cremation and ensconced himself in Peter's luxury Chelsea house.

Now Despallieres is facing London's High Court this Monday accused of fraud by Rod Stewart's former manager Billy Gaff who claims he was duped in a business deal. Questions are still being asked over the sketchy details of Ikin's sudden death and Despallieres puzzling actions, as reported in today's SMH 'PS' column by Andrew Hornery. Despallieres purchased 3 Porsche cars immediately following the cremation. One for himself and one each for the 2 men who had witnessed Ikin's will.