Friday, October 2, 2009

my helipad's bigger than yours

Doltone House- a splendid harbourside venue located on a renovated wharf with sensational views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House was the venue for the Variety Club's annual bash on Thursday evening.

The Variety Club raises money for needy kids-about 200 grand last night.  The shrinking violet to the left having her ear nibbled is singer Maria Venuti who is very popular in Greece and Dubai. I wonder why.

Sipping cocktails on the balcony in the warm spring breeze a group of us noticed several large boats being manouvered out to make a sizable space.

Word is that's it to make place for the impending visit of Reg Grundy and his superyacht  Bodicea (pictured below). For the uninitiated Reg Grundy made a billion from producing TV shows like Neighbours, Sons & Daughters, Home & Away and a host of quiz shows. He's lived in Bermuda with his wife Joy for years. Bodicea is on the market though-for around $120M. Or make an offer.

Apparently Russian oligarch and owner of the Chelsea Football Club Roman Abramovich  sent a team to check out the Bodicea but in the end decided he "wasn't into second-hand boats". So he's having a new $180M boat built with 2 helipads-the Bodicea only has one. 

Also at the Variety Club bash was All Saint's star John Howard (left) who is still confused by some US TV networks for the former prime minister of the same name.

That John Howard is in Venezuela amongst other South American countries on a lecture tour. The Shuttle can't see him seeing eye to eye with Hugo Chavez on much. Should be popular though with the entrenched and belieged upper classes.