Friday, October 2, 2009

More God awful talk!

If you are at a loose end this long weekend there's always the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Opera House to be opened by journalist and God hater Christopher Hitchens who will be in conversation with ABC Nightline host Tony Jones on the topic 'Religion Poisons Everything'.

Taking an opposing stance on Sunday is Catholic Archbishop Cardinal George Pell, the man who was nearly Pope last time around who argues 'Without God We Are Nothing' and Muslim leader Keysar Trad who argues that 'Polygamy and Other Islamic Values are Good for Australia'.

If you aren't slashing your wrists by this stage-wait, there's more. Aboriginal activist Gary Foley will argue that 'The Aboriginal Genocide will be complete' and Germaine Greer will be asking "do people really want Freedom ?".

Have a nice weekend.

## there is a God after all....or did Krishna do it! Relief is in sight according to the British blogger Madame Arcati who reports the most unpopular TV series ever foisted upon the Australian viewing public will be no more.' Mumbai Calling' , is to be axed. Amen to that.