Saturday, October 24, 2009

more gaiety

Just as former PM John Howard gets the boot as the prospective head of Rugby League (with the help of Labor's Anthony Albanese) news comes of an autobiography that has footie players quaking in their boots about potential changing room revelations.

Rob Astbury, formerly the countries top sports broadcaster is soon to publish his autobiography called Twice as Hard.
Television personalities, top executives plus Australian Football Rules stars and officials are on tenterhooks in anticipation of Astbury’s book.

Astbury infuriated friends of the late Graham Kennedy by publishing explicit details of his relationship with the King of Television in a book called King & I. The late Don Lane tore it up for the TV cameras, Melbourne radio host Derryn Hinch went into meltdown, others cried foul but the tome sold like hotcakes. It wasn't like Astbury was revealing the entertainment world's worst kept secret-that Gra Gra was Gay - they just preferred not to know. Apart from about 50 thousand who bought the book that is.

The former multi award winning journalist, who won a Logie nomination for breaking the news of the Sydney Swans invasion, won the confidence of former owner the flamboyant Doctor Geoffrey Edelsten revealing exclusive stories about the doctor, his former wife Leanne and former star footballer Warrwick Capper. Edelsten is now squiring the buxom 25 year old Las Vegas fitness trainer Brynne Gordon and threatening to marry the blond starlet in a $250K wedding after negotiating picture sale rights to OK ! magazine. As one does.

Astbury’s autobiography will feature stories that were too hot to be published at the height of his career concerning Aussie Rules legends, some of whom have sons playing today including Brownlow Medallist Gary Ablett.

In talking about his experiences with TV stars including Eddie McGuire, Jana Went, Daryl Somers, Naomi Robson, Don Lane and others like Tracey Grimshaw who hit headlines in the UK when foul mouthed TV chef Gordon Ramsey recently went head to head with her on her chat show, he describes television as a despicable industry. Television executives have not been spared and lawyers are painstakingly scanning the manuscript to offset legal action. Astbury refused to answer probing questions from Social Shuttle until lawyers have completed their job.

To promote Twice as Hard and re-establish Astbury, videos of his career at Channel 10, 9 and 7 have been posted on You Tube .

Here is a young Rob (2nd left front)with a host of big-time media personalities.

To the far right,( in every sense of the word) is the current airwaves king Alan Jones in plaid jacket and kiss curls. Behind with the started look is the late Don Lane who died this week, with a youthful George Negus shaking his fist. Negus is currently whipping up a storm as a guest in Masterchef. At the top waving his fist in delight is John Blackman who recently re-apprised his role in the revived Hey Hey it's Saturday show that hit worldwide headlines for all the wrong reasons over a Michael Jackson tribute which probably scored the show another few episodes, if not a whole series. (instant update-a series has been announced)

Astbury now lives in the saucy seaside town of Pattaya, Thailand where he helped build a property empire and divides his time between a seaside penthouse and a cattle ranch in the north.

Next week promoter Harry M.Miller launches his autobiography and Shuttlers may recall he was once sued by his former client Graham Kennedy over a secret commission he received when he lured the legend back to TV. Miller also threatened to sue Astbury if he published his tale about life with the legend. Just to show there were no hard feelings, Rob published anyway.

No-it's not another transvestite footballer but a former cast member of the late 'Mr Sin' Abe Saffron's famous Les Girls cabaret in Kings Cross, Karen Chant. Described as a 'living gay legend' and a close friend of Astbury's (with her in the snap). Karen makes an appearance in the book as well. Doing what, we aren't quite sure but it sounds like fun.
We can't wait !