Monday, October 5, 2009

Liza with a Zzzzz

She'll be back on October 16th for a country-wide tour with a show based on her Broadway hit cabaret Liza’s At The Palace”.

The Shuttle loves Liza Minnelli-ever since we met her with our great pal, the late Peter Allen who toured with Liza right back in the 1960's. Peter went on to become the support act for Liza's mum Judy Garland before gradually climbing to the top in the USA where he became one of the most popular live cabaret acts in the country.

Allen, who married Liza was celebrated in the amazing Broadway musical based on his life and full of his songs-The Boy From Oz which rocketed Hugh Jackman to stardom.

When Peter toured with Judy and Liza we received postcards from every corner of the planet from Peter-he was having the time of his life. We finally caught up with Allen in LA in a small cabaret club where Peter was performing 3 shows a night. Liza had become a huge world-wide singing and movie sensation. But within 10 years Allen was headlining at Radio City Hall arriving on-stage via a camel, whistles blowing, maracas shaking. Sadly Peter passed away in 1992 from an AIDs related illness.

The Shuttle saw him in his very last show one year before. He didn't look well but he still managed to leap on the piano in sequin pants and shake those maracas. This is the guy who taught Bette Midler everything she knows about stage presentation.

Whitewashed from the Broadway version of "The Boy From Oz" but in the original Aussie version were tales of Peter's gay life and the great love of his life, the Texan born Greg Connell who died 6 years before Peter. Allen never fully recovered from Greg's death.

Liza's last visit was in 1989 when she toured with Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jnr.

And don't think Liza has lost any bit of that magic energy. Expect brilliant versions of her great songs-Maybe This Time, Cabaret and New York New York.

Liza marries Peter

Hugh Jackman as Peter Allen in the Boy From Oz