Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Liza with a No !

It was a simple question that received a frosty answer-"no"and signalled the end of the subject.

Had Liza Minnelli seen The Boy From Oz on Broadway ?. The show in which Hugh Jackman won a Tony Award for playing Liza's first husband, singer and composer Peter Allen.

Liza Minelli was at the Sydney Opera House today for a press conference about her up-coming appearance there in the Concert Hall where she will re-produce her own Tony Award winning show Liza's At The Palace.

However she was happy to chat about her good pal, the late Michael Jackson who she said had been used by others his entire life . "He knew how to relax around me, we always had fun"says Liza "but everyone just used poor Michael who was the greatest entertainer in the world".

Still bubbly, cute and effervescent at 63, or an "old broad"as she calls herself, Liza's a miracle of surgery in every way and has survived as many life threatening illnesses as Liz Taylor.

She reckons Australia is like a second home (they all say that) and singing at the Opera House has been a dream ever since she saw it's building progressing from her first visit in the 1960's with mum Judy Garland. Liza is Hollywood royalty with both her mother and father Vincent Minnelli winning Oscars as has Liza-the only family to do so.

"Being brought up in Hollywood was like being in a coal town" says Liza."Everyone got up at 5am, went to work, came home and went to bed by 10pm. But I loved it". She wouldn't be drawn on who her favourite entertainers are. "I know then all" says Liza, "how could I single out one?"

Liza's tour begins this Friday at the Opera House and goes interstate from the 21st. Promoter Michael Chugg says tickets are selling well-which is promoter speak for saying there are plenty still available at tickertek.