Friday, October 16, 2009

Key appointment

Jenny Key, the Chinese/Italian designer and artist who says she "turned former Beatle John Lennon onto Asian chicks'  has a painting exhibition opening at the Hat Hill Gallery in her home town of Blackheath in the Blue Mountains on Saturday 24th October.

Key's exhibition Heart of the Waratah is about, yes, waratahs. Those kitsch bright red flowers that crop up in their dozens right after bush fires which the Blue Mountains are prone to.

Jenny says she has no idea when the film in which actress Nin Liu will play her-Hippy Hippy Shake , will finally appear although the production office says the flick has been completed and it is to be released in 2010.

Based on the book by 'futurist' Richard Neville of Oz Magazine fame. it's a tale of  London in the swinging 60's . Cillian Murphy plays Neville-once described fairly accurately as the "Joyce Grenfell of the Blue Mountain' (he lives there as well) while Sienna Miller plays Neville's girlfriend Louise Ferrier with Emma Booth given the difficult job of portraying Germaine Greer in the movie.

Neville was famously hauled into court on obscenity charges over an Oz Magazine edition put together by school kids which featured Rupert Bear in pornographic poses. Briefly jailed, he and co-defendants Jim Anderson and millionaire publisher Felix Dennis were released when they won an appeal despite a pompous judge remonstrating with witnesses including the famous lateral thinker Edward de Bono described as a "strange dark-hued man from Malta who gave us his theories on an alternative style of thought"

Greer has refused to have anything to do with the movie saying ; "You used to have to die before assorted hacks started munching your remains and modeling a new version of you out of their own excreta." Her advice to Emma Booth who wanted to meet her which Greer refused to do :"get an honest job !"

 Neville also has some predictions for the future including : newborns and 100 year olds could have children : "viro-meat"-actual meat will be produced without the use of animals : robots will make financial, health, educational and political decisions for us : the fashion industry will bring us colour changing and perfume emitting jeans.

Maybe he knows what he's talking about. As an advertising executive he once wrote jingles for toilet tissues.

Emma Booth who will play Germaine Greer. 

                                                                            de Bono of Malta