Saturday, October 17, 2009

Karin's woes

Managing Director of French luxury goods brand, Hemmes in Australia, Karin Upton Baker is battling to keep possession of her luxurious Elizabeth Bay duplex apartment where she has hosted glamorous parties for the likes of Elle McPherson and recently model Miranda Kerr and boyfriend actor Orlando Bloom.

Complicated property deals have soured with the international property collapse and after husband Gary Baker took out an $18M mortgage on their home in 2006 to finance a number of developments, he is now fighting to prevent Perpetual Trustee and Challenger Managed Investments from gaining control over their home.

Karin and Gary are well known for their collection of sleek black autos with XXX number plates-the latest Rolls Phantom, a stylish Bentley Continental, a 'pagoda style' vintage Mercedes sports car, and for Gary in his day job as one of the only qualified installers of piers along the harbour side, a huge pantechnicon with the distinctive colour and plates.

Considered one of Sydney's most stylish couples, the Baker's pride and joy is the beautifully designed apartment in one of the most sought after blocks overlooking the harbour, with it's ground floor garage to house their luxury fleet and a private elevator.