Monday, October 12, 2009

Howling at the Moon

Yoko unravels

Britain's most irreverent blogger Madame Arcati brings news of a missive that arrives from Yoko Ono in her endless quest to make a million $$ from, I mean preserve the memory of former Beatle John Lennon.

Ono has purchased a plot of land on the Moon to honour Lennon named the '"Peace Crater". At $34.25 an acre from some firm called the Lunar Republic Society, Lennon's plot isn't in the smartest area-unusual for Yoko. It's in the Lake of Dreams and any budding realtor knows the Sea of Tranquility is far grander.

The Shuttle's going to pass on the generous offers for Moon plots-even at the lower end of the scale and the budget bargain price of $18.95 an acre in the appropriately named Sea of Vapours.

Travelling to visit your new dream holiday home will always be the problem-even if Sir Richard Branson ever gets those Virgin moon flights up. The Social Shuttle visited a Russian Moon Shuttle positioned in Darling Harbour during the 2000 Sydney Olympics and we weren't impressed.

Apart from being greeted at the bottom of the stairs by Mikhail Gorbochev who has a bone mangling hand-shake, the Moon Shuttle is quite frightening. They look wonderfully shiny and slick from the outside but when you enter you are confronted by a sea of dangling wires, old batteries , weird instruments and contraptions bound up with gaffer tape.

                                                  do not shake hands with this man !

Why are we not surprised that Tom Cruise has a Moon plot and one is soon to be dedicated to
Michael Jackson ?.
You can also get a Moon citizenship and a passport but be warned-the The Lunar Embassy's Canadian franchisee, a fugitive wanted on fraud charges has just been arrested outside a Las Vegas casino.