Friday, October 30, 2009

grumpy Royal

Seventh in line to the throne HRH Prince Edward paid a visit to Admiralty House in Kirribilli on Wednesday and left behind a bunch of slightly miffed kids.
Edward presented 2 dozen recipients with the gold award known as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.
While happy to pose in photographs with a group of the young Australians following the ceremony, the prince wasn't too keen on the idea of giving autographs.
One lass who volunteers with Mission Australia, asked for his signature as a memory of the occasion but Prince Edward declined and said that a copy of his father's autograph, which is on the award, would have to do.

More accommodating is the 13th in line-his cousin Viscount Linley who was in Sydney a few years ago to attend the opening of an exhibition of his custom made cigar boxes at the Art Gallery of NSW. As Princess Magaret's son arrived early with his wife Lady Serena , the Shuttle had to negotiate entry for the pair as a guard tried to enforce the " no admittance before 6pm" rule. He relented after we pointed out the remarkable resemblance between his Lordship and the invitation's photograph. Linley rewarded the Shuttle with a personally conducted 20 minute pre-drinks tour of his work. Asked if he would sign the invite, he warmly agreed but not before requesting us to not to tell other guests. "We never give autographs" he confided as he scribbled his Royal signature.

Is a Royal autograph worth much ?. We wouldn't be so crass to sell but the latest offer was nearly $1500.