Saturday, October 3, 2009

a Finch flies the coup

Rumour has it that the failed Miss Universe Australian entrant Rachael Finch and manager Grant Dwyer have parted ways in the middle of complicated sponsorship negotiations. Apparently Finch's older brother is to supervise her career.

Rachael was spotted 2 weeks ago at the launch of Russian Standard Vodka and snapped with hugely successful Russian entrepreneur and billionaire, the handsome and dapper  Roustam Turiko who flew in for the night to launch his drink at the Sydney Opera House.

In his early 40's, Turiko pulled off the impossible-sold vodka to a Russian public already swimming in the stuff and made a fortune from supplying credit cards.

With about one hour to admire the Opera House and to comment that "Sydney seems very nice" Turiko then fled in a fleet of limos back to his personal 747 and jetted out.