Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Clive James is a Silly C**t"

Well that's according to writer Roger Lewis in a very funny interview with Britain's most annoying blogger Madame Arcati (apparently UK tabloid editors have hired private investigators to track down the identity of MA (unsuccessfully) because of her habit of producing accurate tales of their private lives).

Lewis was interviewed by Madame Arcati about his latest book : Seasonal Suicide Notes : My Life as it is Lived. If it's as funny as the interview it should be a cracking read.

The Shuttle was fond of James for a while, (his name was once Vivian James) especially after his original UK, ITV show Clive James Presents which was ahead of it's time and featured the amazing Margarita Pracatan, who once slapped the Shuttle's face when she was on a personal appearance in Sydney (we confused her with the famous local drag queen Mitzi Macintosh).

But after a look at Clive's website it does appear he is either on the pompous pills or losing the plot rapidly. Especially with following quote :

“Humanity will surpass the first dirigibles as it has surpassed the first locomotives. It will surpass M. Santos-Dumont as it has surpassed Stephenson. After telephotography it will continually invent graphies and scopes and phones, all of which will be tele and one will be able to go around the earth in less than no time. But it will always be only the temporal earth. And it will even be possible to burrow inside the earth and pierce it through as I do this ball of clay. But it will always be the carnal earth.” Charles PĆ©guy in 1907

It's the sort of stuff you expect from Richard Neville (see below).

The last time we saw James was at party at the Museum of Contemporary Art when he was lusting over actress Greta Scacchi making one of her rare appearances back home.

Clive described her as "shagable".

Roger Lewis was the writer of The Life and Death of Peter Sellers on which the film of the same name was based on, starring the brilliant Geoffrey Rush as the very dark and complex Sellers and the gorgeous Charlize Theron as Seller's one-time wife Britt Ekland

He's also written a biog of the very funny Carry On star Charles Hawtrey : Charles Hawtrey: the man who was Private Widdle (we've now ordered it from Amazon).
The Shuttle is an unashamed Carry On movie fan, ever since we spent endless weekends in our youth at the home of the late comedian Sid James in Iver, Buckinghamshire .

nb : speaking of "silly c**ts, the Shuttle has received a letter from the Sydney branch of the reputedly respectable UK firm of lawyers, Messers Sue Grabbit & Runn on behalf of a newspaper chain requesting we cease using their copyright photographs

In reply we suggested they might like to check their files and note that the Shuttle originally supplied said pics to those rags and the ownership of copyright was confirmed in an out of court settlement (with costs) in 2006, upon which the Shuttle immediately celebrated with a luxury holiday on the gorgeous coast of Slovenia where we were fortunate to meet the fascinating actor John Markovich who has taken up residence there.

What can you expect from publishers who have fired their in-house legal advisers and outsourced such advice to a huge firm of noted wankers ?