Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Australia's Taliban supporter

Poor Piers Akerman-he's never been quite the same since his beloved former PM John Howard went down in a screaming heap in late 2007 and lost his own parliamentary seat as Kevin Rudd took the helm and has maintained approval rates of around 70%.

That's despite News Ltd tabloids linking Rudd to everything from New York strip clubs, dodged up emails and the famous lunch he attended with the West Australian lobbyist Brian Burke (once jailed) who former PM Paul Keating dubbed the "Arthur Daley of WA politics". Each attempt has backfired badly.

Now the News Ltd journalist has announced he's a terrorist supporter in this piece "Why I am with Hamas and the Taliban".

Piers has got into a tizz because Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize.

He reflects his News Corp confederate in the USA on Fox News, the pill-popping gas bag Rush Limbaugh who similarly announced
"We all agree with the Taliban and Iran"

Piers (c) the Shuttle

One day R.Murdoch is going to ask you to pay for this stuff !.