Thursday, September 3, 2009

tabloid fantasies...

..."Cate left on floor with blood pouring from her head.." reads one of the more lurid headlines about Cate Blanchett's minor mis-hap at the preview night of the Sydney Theatre Companies "A Street Car Named Desire" directed by Liv Ullmann.

No chaps-Cate had a minor scratch and her "fall" was actually in the script. Far from "blood pouring" it was more like a nick with the tiniest drop of red..presumably blood. The Shuttle knows-we were in the 4th row. As Cate exited the stage-as per the script-the stage manager announced 5 minutes later the play wouldn't be resuming and ticket holders would get a full refund or tickets to a later performance.
And the reason ?. The insurance policy demanded as much even for the slightest accident. Cate was in fine form and back on stage the next night as she will be for the gala opening this Saturday night with nary a gash in sight on her gorgeous face.
The tabloids should get a grip and 'viewers' should stick to the Social Shuttle if they want the real story.

There's always a silver lining's a publicist's dream come true as the tale spreads worldwide.