Monday, September 21, 2009

Rose off to the Emmys

A week after attending the opening night of A Streetcar Named Desire to support her good pal Cate Blanchett, actress Rose Byrne  (left copyright the Shuttle ) jetted of to LA for the Emmy Awards due to be announced tomorrow.

Last night Byrne attended a BAFTA tea party at the residence of the LA Australian Consul General along with the 8 other Aussies up for Emmy awards.

Rose confided to The Shuttle at Streetcar that she had been petrified of auditioning for the role of a lawyer in the film Damages along with Glen Close :"she's a goddess of cinema and acting, I've never been so nervous " said Rose. She need not have worried. She scored the role and is a hot favourite to pick up the coveted award. Rose is looking forward to playing her next role as a pop star girlfriend of Russell Brand in  Get Him To The Greek. "I've been studying Posh for the role", says Rose. Which shouldn't involve too much effort.

Also at the tea-party and expected to win-star of TV series The Mentalist Simon Baker. The ever so nice Baker is yet another from that Ramsay Street soapie that has sent to many off to Hollywood for stardom and we love how the once short haired Simon's locks gets thicker and fluffier as he ages.Must be something in the Hollywood air.

## instant update: Toni Collette picked up the gong for best actress in the United Sates of Tara which describes the relationship the Shuttle has enjoyed with Toni since we've know her for 15 years. One day it's arms flung about us-the next it's a frozen stare which I guess is why she plays the role,of a psychologically disturbed housewife so well. 

But it's an award well deserved. Toni has transformed herself over the years from the frumpy role in Muriel's Wedding (little make-up or padding needed) into a superstar and a superb talent. There's still an Oscar waiting with her name on it.

Perhaps it's because we turned down the last offer to Toni's singing performance. Having seen a few in the past-well let's say we rather attend a Russell Crowe "Grunt's" stage show and that is out of pure politeness.

Rose Byrnes and Simon Baker still, have another 2 hours before they know if they are winners although Rupert Murdoch's flagship Aussie tabloid the Daily Terror online site points out the same in one sentence followed by the next claiming she has already lost. It's only to be expected for the Terror and we've long given up pointing out these errors to them as they instantly correct them with nary a polite thank you.

### Sadly Simon lost out as did Rose Byrnes but her co-star Glen Close won an Emmy. At least Simon Baker, gorgeous hair and all has been voted the sexiest man on TV by several US publications.