Friday, September 4, 2009

our favourite Knight of the Realm

He hasn't been seen out socially of late but Sir Laurence Whistler Street wasn't going to miss the coming home party for Australia's Miss Universe entrant, Rachel Finch last night at the Double Bay restaurant Pink Salt.

Sir Laurence-one of nature's true gentleman and with one of the finest legal minds in the country is now 83-slightly shaky on his pins but still sporting those sensible monogrammed Gucci slippers and mediating complicated matters of the law. Regarded as one of the most gifted lawyers and renowned for his fair decisions, Sir Laurence is still much sought after to settle complex disputes.

A former Chief Justice-as was his dad Sir Kenneth Street and as was his granddad, Sir Phillip Whistler Street. Mum Jessie Street was one of the country's foremost feminists and human rights campaigners who once had her passport rescinded whilst overseas during the 'reds under the beds' hysteria of the 1950's when she was accused by ASIO as a "secret Commie "

Word is that Rachel is fielding offers from every TV network and after hearing her speech, we reckon she is one clever gal who will go far.

                                     Joh Bailey & Anne O'Neil
Meanwhile at the same time, same location but a few doors apart, society snipper Joh Bailey showed off his spanking brand new salon with a few up-market guests like Lady Sonia McMahon and TV daytime queen Kerri Anne Kennerley with hubby John Kennerley , the man who started Littlewoods Football Pools in the UK, sold out for a fortune and moved to Sydney to concentrate on his hobby of collecting toy soldiers.
On hand was the decorator of Joh's swanky salon Anne O'Neil wife of quarry king turned developer Dennis O'Neil and a member of the famous British Tennet family.