Monday, September 21, 2009

The French are devouring the Social Shuttle

Within days of the Social Shuttle announcing society maven Marie Sutton had turned down a huge offer she had received from a US publisher for her 'Diana Diaries' , comes news of former 83 year old French president Valery Giscard d'Estaing soon to be published novel of a French leader's affair with a Welsh Princess.
To be published next month, Giscard's The Princess and the President recounts the secret and passionate love of two characters clearly modeled closely on both himself and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

Sutton's collection of personal letters from the late Princess Diana are now locked in a bank vault, so paranoid is she they may be stolen. But the Shuttle has read the collection of letters in which Diana reveals intimate details of her life and affairs that have never been discovered by the media.

In particular we mentioned how Diana had an affair with a politician-we described him as a US politician in order to muddy the waters as we have promised not to reveal the details. (well sort off-the right offer may change things). Diana had varied tastes-from cads and bounders like James Hewitt to rugger types like Will Carling.

Would an older garlic loving Frenchmen be able to sweep her off her feet ?. We aren't saying anything.
 But how clever of Giscard d'Estaing's publishers to seize the moment.
Gal Of The Week Prize must go to 25 year old Brynne Gordon who describes herself as a fitness instructor from Las Vegas and who arrived at the Brownlow Medal football awards at James Packer's Melbourne Crown Casino in an outfit so shockingly bad-well she just looks sensational. 
Talk about Footballer's Wives !

Brynne is engaged to 66 year old struck-off doctor and former football club owner Geoffrey Edelsten who ran a string of 24 hour medical centres famed for their grand pink pianos, sickly crushed pink carpet and crystal chandeliers,.He lived in a pink ranch-style mansion, flew a pink helicopter and once crashed his pink Ferrari when hearing on the car radio he was about to be investigated by authorities.

The Shuttle once visited one of these medical centres (you could spot them for miles-pink) driving home late one night with a crushing migraine and decided to seek relief in the garish doctor's room. A man in a pink coat, presumably an MD who appeared to be inebriated said "you won't get any drugs out of me !". When I protested that surely that was the idea of being there he said"go on -buzz off you old junkie".

And so I did only to find the now wild haired medico banging on my car window outside the centre minutes later. Terrified I wound it down slightly and he said "you didn't sign your f***ing medicare certificate-you think I talk to idiots like you for free"

 10 minutes later I realised my migraine had miraculously disappeared in the drama of it all !