Tuesday, August 18, 2009

vale Bakes

He's been one of Sydney & Melbourne's most loved characters but now Johnny Baker has passed away from liver cancer.

'Bakes' as he was known to his friends, had battled skin cancer for many years now , receiving treatment at some of the world's top cancer clinics courtesy of good friends the Packers and TV mogul Paul Ramsey. Johnny was celebrating with Lady Sonia McMahon for her birthday just this year on Ramsey's luxury gin palace on Sydney Harbour when Sonia took a tumble down a gangplank.

Johnny squired, well walked , some pretty fancy ladies about town..Big Kerry's widow Ros Packer.. Caroline Laws ..Princess Margaret..Princess Mary of Denmark. A night out with Bakes often ended up with a sore tummy from laughing at his hilarious tales

Now Bakes is no more-gone to that great cocktail party in the sky. A modest man who lived in a small Bondi house and attended mass every morning, Johnny had one of the fastest wits around town and could enthrall party guests from princes to footie players...everyone just loved Bakes. We never quite knew what Johnny did for a living but a trip to New York, Paris or London in the Learjet, or a Mediterranean cruise in his converted minesweeper the Arctic P just wasn't on for Kerry Packer if Bakes wasn't onboard for entertainment value.

He'll be missed by all..Skye Leckie, wife of Channel Seven supremo David is organising the send-off expected to be at St Joseph's in Edgcliff and packed with Sydney's finest followed by a champagne wake. Bakes would have it no other way. RIP Johnny..we all loved you !