Friday, August 21, 2009

Rachael firms up in first spot

Model agent Grant Dwyer with some of his discoveries including Jennifer Hawkins (centre)

Within minutes of the Shuttle hitting the blogosphere a missive arrives from the Miss Universe camp in New York.

Aussie entrant Rachael Finch is indeed shaping up to be the favourite according to one of the UK's biggest betting agencies Paddy Power who reckon some of their most astute punters are putting big money on Rachael to waltz off with the crown at Donald Trump's Miss Universe quest in the Bahamas this month. With odds shortening by the hour Rachael began at $16 but is now down to $4.50 for a win and expected to be as low as $3.50 tomorrow.
Time to take a punt. Star maker Grant Dwyer could pull off the trifecta with his nose for winning flesh after the success of Jennifer Hawkins & Lauryn Eagle.

worth a punt ? -Rachael Finch