Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hoges land back on the market

Just 4 years after eccentric British banker Duncan Mount and wife, ex-model Sally purchased the Possum Creek property built by Paul Hogan and wife Linda just outside the resort of Byron Bay on the NSW coast, Mount is selling off parcels of the gorgeous landscaped grounds with  their rolling hills to finance a move back to the Sydney social scene.
                                                           Duncan Mount
                                                      Possum Creek                               
Mount made mega millions in China with his Hong Kong Bicycle Co before moving to Sydney and buying the 1920's Spanish styled harbour-side mansion, Boomerang-built by the wealthy Alberts music publishing family. Duncan spent a small fortune re-furbishing Boomerang which was used in the film  Mission Impossible 2 and threw lavish parties before selling up 5 years ago to build an equestrian centre on the Northern Beaches for horse mad Sally.
Hogan himself made a tidy profit on the Point Piper house he purchased a few years ago and sold last year  after spending little time there, preferring to hang out in his Hollywood Hills abode while he fights his endless battles with the Australian Taxation Office. Boomerang was bought by trucking magnate Lindsay Fox in 2005 for $21M from cleaning company boss John Schaeffer who purchased it for then wife Julie who fell in love with it after attending one of the Mount's amazing parties. 
Julie  continued the Mount's tradition, hosting her first soiree for Denmark's Crown Princess Mary and Prince Frederick on their first visit to Australia following their toy-town style wedding.