Thursday, August 20, 2009

has Grant pulled it off again with Miss Universe ?

Rachael Finch

After discovering the leggy blonde Jennifer Hawkins who was crowned Miss Universe in 2004 , reviving the flagging fortunes of Donald Trumps glamour puss event , model agent Grant Dwyer may well pull off another coup with this year's Aussie entrant and his latest discovery, Rachael Finch, another stunning head-turner.

Shuttlers may re-call Hawkins fame spread throughout the world as she became a front page sensation. She has since gone onto financial rewards earning of up to $3M a year from various TV and department store endorsements, recently moving into a $2.3M split level seaside house in Coogee with handsome hunk boyfriend Jake Wall.

Who could forget the dress mishap which looked for all the world like a staged event but was indeed an accident-caught on camera by a Shuttle fan which catapulted Jennifer back onto front pages world-wide and has since become a schoolboy pin-up. With the Miss Universe pageant set to take place on Paradise Island ,Nassau in the Bahamas, Rachael is a hot favourite to take the crown. Rachael is already picking up lucrative contracts as our snaps show from Lonsdale and others.

Jennifer slips up

Regular Shuttlers may also re-call when we revealed on another forum how Rolls Royce balked at the opportunity to transport Hawkins about town on her official promotional duties especially when it meant delivering Jennifer to her home town for a civic reception in the working class, former steel city of Newcastle just north of Sydney.
"Not quite us" they sniffed, "and besides, we don't sell too many up there."

Instead, the affable Tony Graziani who flogs Maseratis stepped into the breach and drove Hawkins about town. A good move as Jennifer's first purchase when the cash rolled in was $240k Gran Turisimo. Graziani then picked up the deal to shuttle movie goddess Sophia Loren about Sydney last year when she hit town to open a glitzy Italian style reception centre ..another perfect move when Loren invited Tony to holiday with her in Italy.

Grant Dwyer's other discovery, Lauryn Eagle who became the world champion water skier has also picked up valuable endorsements chiefly after she water skied the 240kms from Manly wharf to Newcastle, non-stop in the open sea -a feat that impressed Sir Richard Branson who immediately signed Lauren to promote something or other.
## A recent visitor to Sydney from Nassau, Nelia 'Minnie' Wynn has returned to her new Paradise Island home after a lengthy stay at Sydney's most splendiforous Darling Point harbourside mansion, Carthona, the gothic pile that houses the Oxleys. The Oxleys sensibly own 3 abodes in a row to house their extended family and once turned down a generous offer from Tom Cruise who wanted to purchase Carthona for his then wife, Nicole Kidman. Cruise had to settle for a smaller digs around the corner without the commanding views that make Carthona the most desired spot on the harbour.

Minnie has sold her Paradise Island 'Pink House', billed as the "world's smallest hotel" with it's 4 guest rooms. The Pink House has now been incorporated into Atlantis, where the next Miss Universe will be chosen later this month. ***************************