Sunday, August 23, 2009

Christian roaring on...

Bourke & Rendell
(copyright the Shuttle)

It was one of the greatest examples (only outdone by Susan Boyle) of how life can change overnight when youtube's 35 year old vision of 2 young blokes greeting a former pet lion in Africa received a few million hits and catapulted the 2 men into overnight stardom with a best selling book titled Christian the Lion , netting the authors a small fortune.

Now the caravan rolls on as one of the authors, former UK gossip writer John Rendell is resting back in his World's End digs in Chelsea before preparing to take on China for a major lecture tour about African wildlife.

Let's hope he doesn't get some of the more curly and embarrassing questions whilst in Beijing like that on the top US show The View when one presenter asked Rendall and co-author Ace Bourke "and how is Christian faring these days?". "Err.." they replied, "lions only have a life of around 9/10 years"- Christian would have probably gone to feline heaven around the early 1980's.