Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aussie US invasion continues

With Hugh Jackman having conquered both New York in the "Boy From Oz' and now Hollywood with his blockbuster Wolverine and actor Sam Worthingtom well on the road to become a new movie heartthrob in James Cameron's 3D epic Avatar, news comes of another Australian hitting the heights in New York.

26 year old Amelia Lester has appeared virtually overnight in the publishing world to take the helm as publishing editor of one of the world's most prestigious magazines-The New Yorker.
Little is known of Lester-well she's too young for one, but she has only been in New York for 4 years after graduating from Harvard. Lester did a stint at the Paris Review and then served as a fact checker for noted Yorker writers like Seymour Hersh and Jane Meyer as well as writing the occassional piece for the mag.
However she must have impressed hard-nosed David Remick of  Conde Nast. She will be one of the youngest editors on one the most respected US magazines with a highly coverted position.

## an eagle eyed Shuttler contacted me to illuminate me further on the very clever Amelia Lester.  Amelia was a student at the state run North Sydney Girl's High School as recently as  2001 and regarded as one of the brightest sparks. She also did a stint at Vogue before heading off to Harvard. She's certainly a great advert for the much derided state run schools.