Wednesday, August 19, 2009

at the meat rack...

the entire staff of 2 at Social Shuttle, both vegans will go anywhere for a glass of that increasingly rare French champagne rarely spotted in todays' financial climate. But it flowed freely at the re-opening of the Victor Churchill butcher shop in Sydney's smartest street, Queen Street Woolhara.

Churchill's now joins Jones The Grocer just around the corner as the most expensive providors on town which shouldn't worry most locals. St Kevin's, the gloomy mansion nearby was sold recently by former PM Paul Keating for $10M with the purchaser declaring he had got a bargain even if he did have to call in some ghostbusters.

Guest Justin Hemmes was quick to brush of the scandalous rumours of cracks in his $200M nightclub and hotel empire and preferred to show off his latest flame, the gorgeous Amber Le'Strange. Justin's latest venture Ivy is booming which is a relief for his now 2000 strong staff..and the Hemmes family have never failed to make a success out of any venture they have launched.
Something tells us this may be the real thing between Justin & Amber which would make Justin's dad John & mother Merivale very happy as John struggles with cancer. Much sad talk amongst guests of the death of Johnny Baker and diaries being checked to see who will make Bake's funeral on Friday afternoon.
And a goody bag with a difference-a New York cut of wagyu steak which sells for around $300 a pound in Tokyo, a fact lost in translation to my cat Milly who dined on it that night.

Thrust into this new giddy world of cocktail parties and catering by star chef Peter Gilmour (from The Quay)and surrounded by handsome Stedman waiters-winner of the first top rating Masterchef series, Italian house-mum Julie Goodwin, loving every moment.
## Prince Charle's polo chum Sinclair Hill has chartered a jet to fly guests to Moree for an Art Fundraiser with the proceeds going to the Moree Plains Art Gallery.

11 artists will be showing, including well-known Sydney Artist Sue Nagel followed by a dinner for 150 at the Gallery, and afterwards Jack Singleton will be auctioning off the work. Jack's last venture, the launch of his Bondi Blonde Beer at the Iceberg's in Bondi Beach with Paris Hilton doing the honours proved to be a huge success with the Singleton's selling off the boutique brewery for a huge profit after just 2 years.

Hitching a lift on that jet will be retired radio shock jock John Laws and wife 'Princess' Caroline. After flogging off his amazing auto collection when he moved into the Woolloomooloo Wharf penthouse next to Russell Crowe, Lawsie is collecting again with a new powder blue Rolls convertible and early this year dispatched his chauffeur off to Alice Springs to collect a vintage Rolls he spotted there for sale.

Paris sneaked in former boyfriend Stavros Niarchos to the Bondi Blonde Beer launch but still couldn't avoid the Shuttle's shutters. (copyright: the Shuttle)