Monday, April 26, 2021

Do not miss this !

The Dinosaur Festival.

I'm told here will be real live Dinosaurs there so I wouldn't miss it for quids. Yes, I thought they were extinct too but where did they get all those beasts to appear in those Jurrassic World movies? They weren't actors were they?. There wouldn't be a point to having a festival of Dinosaurs without the real thing and besides, publicists and PR people don't tell fibs. Somewhere there is an island where all the Dinosaurs hang out so maybe a few will be attending this wondrous festival (take no notice of the pic- I don't think that's a real Dinosaur). If only one makes an appearance it will make my day.

The PR handout includes this:

The outdoor Dinosaur Festival Sydney offers a dynamic opportunity to expose school learners to experiences and explore the pre historic world in a rich and friendly educational environment. At the Dinosaur Festival we believe that through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, kids will have the ability to take ownership of their own learning, develop and explore their own curiosities. This unique exhibition provides the foundation for creativity, critical thinking, and understanding of their immediate environment importance.

So there.Obviously there will be rides on real live Dinosaurs and Raptors to pat and maybe a TRex to wreak havoc. Well that's what it sounds like to me. See you there.

(Maybe Godzilla will turn up)

And look how inexpensivie it is:

EARLY BIRD TICKETS (if you book before the 30th of April 2021) • Kids $10.00 • Seniors $12.00 • Adults $15.00 • Family of four $45 (2 adults and 2 kids). • Group or Family of eight mixed kids or adults $85.00 See more here:

Life imitates art

Or is Art imitating life..?

Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Great Fairy Bread Scandal

It's a delicacy that has delighted Aussie children for decades. No birthday party for any child under 10 is worth it's salt if the caterer doesn't supply copious quantities of the unique Ausse delicacy: Fairy Bread. A simple concoction: white bread and butter (nothing healthy like Rye)and covered with hundreds and thousands.

So it was understandable that the mighty Rupert Murdoch News Corp empire and it's dozens of newspaper outlets screeched shock, horror when it got wind that a sinister anonymous "woke" mob were demanding a change to the name. The moniker Fairy Bread was deemed an insult to , well we aren't quite sure what..fairies?. We'll never know as for some reason the tale which swept the tabloid pages of the Murdoch tabloids have inexplicably vanished

Possibly because the whole thing was a hoax but by whom? That's still a mystery. Radio annnouncer Ben Fordham had already declared the mini drama a scam during the week but News Corp scribes were not having it. Until Friday that is when the penny finally dropped. At least the mini scandal has delighted fierce Murdoch critic and ex-prime Minster Kevin Rudd who has gleefully tweeted news of the minor furor to his million plus Twitter followers.

. The only real mystery is why the wondrous Daily Mail /MailOnline didn't pick up and run with the hoax. Right up their alley.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

As we predicted..

And thus it came to pass ! More on our tale about the rumblings in the northern paradise of Byron Bay, one of Australia's most beautiful, unique areas which has become incredibly popular over the decades.

Chris Hemsworth's Mega Mansion

Byron Bay was a sleepy whaling town in the early part of the 20th century. It's also Australia's most Easterly point. Even today one can see whales heading North (fleeing from Japanese whaling ships?)and groups of gamboling dolphins are regularly spotted from the beach.

But has Byron (as the locals call it) become a victim of it's own success?. Just days ago we reported that many locals are getting fed up with the thousands of tourists who flock into town on weekends and depart, leaving a mess for locals to clear up and pay for.

About a 15 minute drive inland from Byron is the town of Mullumbimby, another quaint village that has also been popular with newcomers. It's where Whispers has stayed with friends over the years. We even meet & BBQed with the Super Star Action Heroes Chris & Liam Hemsowrth when they were mere lads-their parents lived there for a time. Now both Hemsworth brothers have departed Hollywood and Chris Hemsworth has built a ginormous shopping centere style mansion in the area. Other Hollywood stars are flocking there including Zac Efron who with Matt Damon, are looking for suitable houses to buy. As for Mullumbimby, the quiet town now has traffic jams on weekends with nary a parking spot to be found.

Now a local has gone public with an article in the Sydney Morning Herald as they plan to sell up and move back to the city. At the current rate of skyrocketing house prices in Byron, this shouldn't be much of a problem.

Read the article here:

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Vale Carla

Born in 1942 in the small Italian village of Lovero, Aussie fashion design supremo Carla Zampatti has passed away after succumbing to injuries from a fall at the Opera in the Botanical Gardens just days ago. Zampatti's decades of timeless, elegant fashion has been much loved over the years from well heeled female corporate executives to visiting celebrities who swore a Zampatti designed outfit was the peak of elegance.

Pictured: Bianca Spender, Carla Zampatti and John Bush

Whispers often encountered Carla at Sydney and Melbourne soirees whether it was the launch of a new small design shop, a charity event, fashion parade or an Art Gallery grand dinner for the late Opera star Luccianno Pavrotti (Zampatti was always at the head table). We'd often see her tootling around Sydney's Eaatern Surburbs in her classic green Rolls Royce Corniche.

Launching her first fashion collection in 1965, success followed success and she opened her first boutique in Surry Hills in 1972. Her fashions have a variety of fans from Princess Mary of Denmark to popster Danii Minouge. Numerous Aussie celebs have featured her designs at some stage including Nicole Kidman. Legendary actress Angela Lansbury once went on shopping spree at Zampatti's Double Bay boutique and Ros Packer is a regular.

Carla's designs are now featured in department store around the country and the world. In 2004 she was awarded the Commander of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic along with Australian honours and in 2005 Carla was featured on a stamp, the ultimate in recognition . Zampatti leaves behind three children, designer Bianca Spender, son Alex Schuman, and Allegra Spender who managers the Zampatti design business. She married politcian John Spender in 1975 and they amicably divorced in 2010.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Bogan Bay

Some snaps from sunnier days in Byron Bay, the northern town that has become so popular with the ex-Hollywood set like Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, Matt Damon, Zac Efron and assorted characters. Whispers has been visiting Byron Bay and nearby Mullumbimby for nearly 40 years. Ever since our pal the late British printing press heir Nicholas Shand re-located from Shropshire and puchased a few hundred acres in "Mullum". Shand set up the local newspaper, the Byron Echo which has since become the established newspaper for the area. Shand sadly passed away in a car accident and there is statue of him outside the local council chambers.

But there are rumblings of discontent about the "newcomers" and the glitzy Hemsworth set and assorted hanger-ons who number in the dozens, from the oldtimers who first moved to Byron Bay over the previous decades. And the addition of anti-vaxxer chef Pete Evans has really got blood vessels pumping. We can't name the locals but it seems most cannot abide the new crowd and the attention it has brought to Byron. Among the complaints are the rapidly rising house prices and the flocks of visitors who pour into the town on weekends.

One local described it as similar to the beautiful California enclave Sausalito which in the 60s & 70s was a playground for those wishing to escape the city ratrace but went along similar lines as Byron with property prices outstripping the ability of the sort of "arty" crowd that made it popular in the first place.

Byron Bay locals are now calling it Bogan Bay and say an event a few weeks ago sums up the new mob. A marquee and tables were set up in a park at the beach claiming Covid was a hoax and wearing masks stupid calling them "face nappies" as an insult. It was the sheer numbers who headed for these tables to lend support that upset the locals. Many early Byron locals were "alternatives" in the 60s thru 80s when they moved there but are not like the QAnon nutters who have been boring the world to death lately.

The original movie super-star to spot Byron's potential was Paul Hogan who snapped up acres in the hinterland and built a magnificent mansion and redeveloped the pub in the main street. Hoges packed up nearly 20 years ago selling up for $Millions and moved to LA. Now Byron, or Bogon is flooded from the recent torrential rains and the beach was recently washed away in another storm which caused terrible damage. One prominent local likened it to God's wrath.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Claire's Kitchen

35 Oxford Street Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia 2010 French style at the Paris end of Oxford street

Sunday, February 21, 2021

The top selling Champagne in Paris

Tabloid Fail

Yes, Whispers is about to cast nastursions on our media counterparts, imperfect vessel that we are, but Prince Harry & Meghan Markle announced just days ago that young Prince Archie Windsor can expect a sister or brother in the near future. But the Aussie tabloid magazine No Idea New Idea announced on the very same day that the loving California based couple had split. Well what would we know?. Perhaps it's true. I'm sure all shall be revealed this Monday in their next editon. Perhaps they know better than this scribe. Afterall we've been out of the loop for a while with endless lockdowns. It was only just late last year that New Idea announced that Prince Harry had been deported from the USA ( as seen in this cover pic with the Brad /Jen tale). Perhaps the current one is a clone? Is this a QAnon conspiracy revelation? Of course the same glitzy show biz mag also announced that hunky actor Brad Pitt was back living with Jennifer Aniston just as he arrived in Venice with gorgeous model Nicole Poturalski. Who could all be true.!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

“Not to be missed.”

Fri, 05 Feb | Claire's Kitchen at le Salon VIVA la DIVA: JACKIE LOEB “Completely in-your-face funny.” LA Times. “Not to be missed.” Sydney Morning Herald. “The woman has so much talent it’s sick!” Comediva
Book tickets here: bank building in Sydney's Oxford Street with food prepared by brilliant CanadianKINfGuS8 Claire's Kitchen is a superb restaurant in a beautiful old bank building in Sydney's Oxford Street with food prepeared by brilliant Canadian French chef Claire De Lune

Monday, December 21, 2020

No Magic from Mike

Whispers was looking forward to the opening night of Channing Tatum's Magic Mike at the Entertainment Quarter yesterday but alas, the new Covid drama has shut down the production before it got off the ground. What a disappointment, especially for the performers who travelled so far to bring us some fine danicing and good looking flesh. No word yet if it will open again or when. On Wednesday the media were invited to film a scene from the show and told that mask wearing would be strictly enforced. Almost like a portent of what was to come. Meanwhile here's some vision of the show from Youtube.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Outrage as tabloid takes future Queen of England to task

Whispers favourite tabloid in all the world, the UK Daily Mail (and MailOnline ) has ripped into the gorgeous wife of HRH Prince William, future Monarch of Great Britain and all her Dominions (ie- Australia and New Zealand). Catherine Windsor,the Duchess of Cambridge has been hauled over the coals over a spelling mistake unearthed by an eagle-eyed Mail scribe. Catherine left a letter out of the word "country" when she wrote a tribute on a blackboard at a London train station as a "heartfelt whiteboard message thanking transport workers for their hard work during the pandemic". Poor Cate. Usually there would be a Lady in Waiting or perhaps a secretary to check her missives before they go out to the public. Our pic from the Mail shows Cate writing the offending message. We haven't the heart to alert said Daily Mail to this piece they printed in an article stating Catherine asked people to call her "Cate" (instead of Your Higness). It was just days before the Mail nabbed Her Highness writing "cuntry". Or was it "contry"?. Maybe she prefers Katherine to Catherine. Afterall, the British Royal family are known for their eccentricities. It's an odd thing. The Duchess was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton yet 1000s of publications around the world have dubbed her "Katherine". Possibly an easy mistake to make but surely newspapers of record should keep to the script. Even her Wikipedia entry prints this common mistake as "Katherine" which should alert the world's sub editors.. Here's a copy of "Katherine's" signature to settle the matter.
# Whispers isn't perfect when it comes to both grammar or spelling but one must remember we have a tiny staff -one (but dozens of contacts) and a loveable but aging black & white dyslexic Moggie who doubles up as Sub Editor and office mouser. ##Congratulations to the 24 readers who emailed alerting us to our deliberate mistake to garner just what interest our tales generate. Our earlier story reverseing the names was put up less than 24 hours ago and 24 alert souls were on the ball. Mucho thanks. Readership of Whsipers hovers around 1000-1500 a day. During the pandemic's worst periods and Lockdown it skyrocketed to 15000 on one day alone. Online shopping must have gone through the roof.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Magic Mike hits town

These chaps are some of the cast of Magic Mike, a show devised and created by Hollywood heart-throb Channing Tatum. It opens this Sunday in Sydney at the Entertainment Centre at Fox Studios. Whispers has no idea what it's all about but we'll be there to report on it. With bells on.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Earth to the UK Daily Mail (MailOnline)

We here at the Shuttle / Careless Whispers feel for today's sub-editors. Most have been replaced by online services. Sub editors on major newspapers could often make or destroy a story and at the very least, were superb 'fact checkers'. Alas for the Britain's Daily Mail newspaper we must assume their sub editors are under immense pressure. Why would they make a glaring mistake like this?. No, the lady pictured with the caption "the gossip columnist" is not well known Sydney scribe Ros Reines. In fact we have no idea who she is. This is the "gossip columnist" Ros Reines in our featured pic. Admittedly the 2 ladies do look similar, equally vivacious but they are not the same person.
Still, it's the thought that counts. ************************************************************ This Daily Mail faux paus reminds Whispers of when they confused (as pointed out by moi) comedienne Tracey Ullman's late mother with the Australian actress Little Nell of Rocky Horror fame. One look at the snap and it's pretty clear both ladies are of similar age. Of course in the online world, never having to say you're sorry is the only way to survive.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Did ya miss me?

 We're back. 

We promised you we would return. A mass of illnesses floored Whispers for 2 months in the middle of a pandemic. I think we had every know illness under the sun except Covid 19 or the "China Virus" as the (soon to be former) US president Donald Trump calls it (have we told you that he owes Whispers $3000 ?..a story for another time).

Did we miss anything?. Probably but this was one event not to be missed. Claire De Lune (left) is an import from French Canada so Claire knows how to throw a few things in a cooking pot and create a fabulous meal. 

Claire runs a wonderful restaurant in Sydney's Oxford Street called

Claire's Kitchen at le Salon

Oxford Street was once the busiest street in Sydney if not the Southern Hemisphere. There seemed to be a cocktail bar or nightclub on every corner and several in between. No wonder they called it the Golden Mile in it's heyday. All that disappeared with the infamous Lock down laws that saw premises that usually remained open until perhaps 11am the following morning, closing by 2am. Claire's establishment survives and flourishes. Often there is a floor show in between courses.

Claire's restaurant is in a fabulous 1930's building that was once a bank so you know it's grand as old banks often where.

Apart from the wonderful food on offer this special night had a performance from Rupert Noffs with his show titled “I CAN COOK TOO!”

 For the past few years Rupert and partner Matty Bee ran a popular restaurant in New York's Soho before returning to concentrate on the NSW's Central Coast. And Rupert also sings and can belt out a pretty good tune as he did on this night.

Rupert is the grandson of the legendary Rev Ted Noffs of Kings Cross' Wayside Chapel' fame (Rupert hangs out with pals like Prince William in his spare time) and he and Matty run their own sensational eatery on the Central Coast. It's called The Lucky Bee at the uber smart Hardy's Bay.

We've assembled a few pics from the night courtesy of Nicholas Huxley (left with Rupert Noffs) from East Sydney's fashion school. Nicholas has taught some of Australia's most famous couturiers and sent them out into the word to make their mark. In 2015 he spent a year setting up the Miami Dade College Miami, Florida US.
Above: Rupert Noffs,HRH Prince William & Kevin Rudd * Rupert with partner Matty Bee

Saturday, September 26, 2020

More on James Packer

 Following reports on a complicate legal stoush in the US involving Aussie billionaire James Packer comes a new tale from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

As it's behind a paywall we'll quote the relevant part involving Packer. In a story about the revelation that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s habit of bringing bags of dirty laundry from Israel to the United States on official visits in order for the clothes to be washed by U.S government workers comes a snippet about Packer & Netenyahu:

"Soon, Australian billionaire James Packer also began to gift the Netanyahus with expensive gratuities. Bibi confirmed Packer invited his son Yair 'to vacation in Aspen and Ibiza' and knew Yair occasionally slept in a luxury TLV apartment Packer rented"

Netanyahu confirmed he asked Australian billionaire Packer to buy the mansion next-door. Packer bought it, and Bibi behaved in it almost as though he owned the place. Before his visits, the housekeeper was asked to stock it with cigars and champagne"


Trust the French- the top selling Champagne in Paris


James Packer in legal drama

Charlotte Kirk, Kevin Tsujihara and a Non-Consensual Sex Allegation That Sparked a Secret Legal Saga

The actress has filed an explosive petition to vacate a gag order that has kept her mostly silent amid a years-long battle with the former Warner Bros. chief as well as film moguls James Packer, Brett Ratner and Avi Lerner.

 On Sept. 10, James Packer’s $200 million megayacht IJE (above) was harbored in Tahiti, where it was scheduled to stay for three months. A bailiff attempted to board the luxury liner to serve the film producer and financier and was told to return the following day because Packer was not there. When the bailiff returned as scheduled, IJE was pulling out of the harbor and heading to Bora Bora with the Australian billionaire onboard. 

Meanwhile in Bulgaria, a process server was attempting to serve Millennium Films CEO Avi Lerner at his Eastern Europe studio, where the Megan Fox thriller Till Death was shooting. Simultaneously, disgraced film producer Brett Ratner and former Warner Bros. chief Kevin Tsujihara were being served at their homes in Los Angeles.


Below: Brett Ratner, James Packer &Charlotte KIrk 




Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Weekly Winner / Loser Awards

 Rivaled only by the Oscars for the sheer glamour: it's that time of the week we present glittering accolades for those who shone and those who didn't.

First up for WINNER OF THE WEEK is the fabulous comedy actor Rebel Wilson who posted pictures of her amazing weight loss. And doesn't she look sensational?. Her face is gorgeous. We hope Rebel leaves it at that. She looks perfect.

And (drumroll) LOSER OF THE WEEK is the wondrous Aussie tabloid Woman's Day which thudded onto our doorstop to announce that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are back living together.

Alas, as we thumbed through the pages and then turned to more sober publications we discovered on the very same day that said Brad Pitt had arrived in Venice with the new love of his life, 27-year-old German model Nicole Poturalski.

Oh well. you can't win them all.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Stuck in Italy

 If you have been lucky enough to dine in one of the Sydney restaurants run by star chef Stefano Manfredi you will know he is one of Australia's top hosts and about as good creator of glorious food that can be had in this land, quite apart from being an all round nice guy.

Stefano is currently hanging out in the famed La Cascina dei Sapori eatery in Rezzato, Italy. You only have to read Trip Adviser's rave reviews to know this joint is tops in a country of splendid restaurants.

Stefano has been interviewed today in the Weekend Telegraph and has described how difficult it has been for him to return home to Australia:

"There are quite a few problems getting back to Australia no matter what the Federal Government will have you believe.

It’s not just the restrictions placed on numbers allowed on each plane coming into Australia but in my case, Etihad has mandated a Covid-19 test within 96 hours before flying to Abu Dhabi to get my connecting flight. Ordinarily, that would be no problem as Rezzato has clinics that will perform these easily and quickly with results available within a couple of hours.
But @etihad want passengers to go to a facility approved by them, at a prepaid cost double to that which I would ordinarily pay.
The first clinic they referred me to in Bologna- a couple of hours south of here- is closed the week I need to have the test. Now, I’m waiting for them to contact me for an alternative arrangement.
They’ve promised they would! My flight is booked for the 30th August."

Well keep readers posted if and when he gets home. Meanwhile, I'm sure there are worse places to hang out during the pandemic!

We Return

 Whispers takes "lock down" seriously so we really haven't been able to attend events recently. OK there have been no events to attend..but we shall be updating with some tales in the next 48 hours.

Bet you can't wait !!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Attack of The Clones

Whispers feels a Silly Season may be upon us with the claims Hollywood Heart throb Zac Efron has been "spotted in Byron Bay". The claim emerged in the MailOnline, renowned for it's reliability (hey- they nick stuff from us !).
They claim Zafron has been tooling around the "hippy paradise". Hippy paradise?. Perhaps 30 years ago. Byron Bay is a Millionaire's Paradise these days with a run down house (if you can find one ) in the Hinterland going for $2Million.

Fortunately a "social influencer" ( what that?) was on hand as a witness claiming "'Don't mean to alarm anyone but Zac Efron was literally eating at the same cafe as me when this was taken,' she wrote." To prove her point she took a snap, so easy these days of smart phones, of the Hollywood star herself.

Only just a couple of years ago the star of Aquaman  Jason Momoa was also spotted in Byron Bay, errr except it was in fact some geezer who appeared on The Bachelorette - Nathan Favro, as our screen shot from the always reliable Daily Mail shows. Well they're both very hairy so easy to confuse.

It was maybe 15 years ago Sydney's media went haywire and descended upon the          Woollahra Sailing Club when word spread like a bush fire that Sex & The City star Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted sipping cocktails at the bar. The TV show was at the height of it's fame and yes- Whispers went as well.  It was pretty obvious it wasn't Sarah Jessica but someone who did look remarkably like her. No matter how many times we told the assembled paparazzi and scribes their dreams would be dashed they were having none of it and the Daily Telegraph's Sydney Confidential gossip column snared an exclusive interview with the young lady ( a UK tourist) about her reasons for slipping into town. She played along loving every moment and it took 2 days for Sydney Con to back down and admit their mistake.
Bette Midler                             John Denver                    

              left: Hugh Grant      Rupert Everett                        
Whispers knows what it's like. Around 30 years ago while peering into a Harrods window in Knighsbridge we became aware we were being stalked. Finally the man built up the courage to come over and said "you are John Denver yes? Can I have an autograph? ".  "Of course" we replied grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled To my adoring fan- signed- Bette Midler thrust it in his hand and jumped into the nearest taxi. Actor Rupert Everett related a similar episode that happened at Miami Airport when a fan came up and said " I love your work Mr. Grant can I have your autograph?" Rupert obliged by writing in the man's paper back book "Fuck you- regards Hugh Grant".
Some years a go in Sydney Whispers was on a visit and attended a party at an Oxford Street nightclub only to be introduced to "the famous UK New Romantic star Steve Strange". Famous indeed and we had no idea who this Steve Strange was as we had left "the very famous New Romantic" Mr Strange to look after our little Mews flat in Notting Hill Gate 3 days earlier.

Friday, June 12, 2020

The Truth about Alan Jones' London Arrest

Broadcaster Alan Jones was arrested in a Piccadilly toilet in 1988 and charged with 2 offences: 'outraging public decency' and 'committing an indecent act'. Appearing in the Marlborough Street Magistrates Court the following day the more serious charge was dropped and Jones plead Not Guilty to the other.
Within days the Metropolitan Police dropped the other charge. Jones eventually received £70 in legal costs.

So many people have used the episode to batter Jones without knowing the facts behind the story. Whispers was working at the time on a London "listings " magazine with a 250K circulation. The magazine LAM was popular with ex-pat Australian & New Zealanders as it was one of the few publications readers could find news from back home. The editor dispatched us to find out more.

We had actually never heard of Alan Jones having lived in London for so long but we knew the West End and Soho like the back of our hands. We worked around the area and partied there in the small afternoon drinking "clubs" like Muriels where artist Francis Bacon held court most afternoons. One thing we knew you never ever did- was use the infamous Piccadilly Circus toilets for a call of nature. The toilets were notorious and many a hapless man had been nabbed by police for similar alleged offenses as Jones was.

This was a pretty nasty aspect of British "policing". A younger good looking constable would hang about in plain clothes and spot a likely candidate. Perhaps a look in the wrong direction, lingering just a little to long at the urinal. Perhaps like Jones, wearing one of his beloved pink pullovers. The PC would signal his pal waiting outside who would enter and the 2 would bust the unfortunate candidate with both claiming to have "witnessed" an immoral and illegal act.
Truth wasn't necessarily a factor. Many a suburban businessman, gay, straight, bisexual or closeted had been nabbed over the years.

The suspect was then bundled off to a police station, charged and bailed to appear the following day in a Magistrates Court with a friendly warning from the desk sergeant that it was their right to plead innocence although pointless with two police witnesses and "wouldn't it be a shame" if their local newspaper was informed that a prominent citizen had been arrested for such a sleazy act in a toilet. Why not just cop the fine and a brief lecture from the Magistrate and return home where no-one would be the wiser.

No-one knows if any claimed innocence- until Jones was arrested. To the Powers That Be in The Met, alarm bells rang. Jones had support. Rupert Murdoch for one and a Minister of State Lord Jeffrey Archer and the cat was out of the bag publicity wise. Not that that would prevent that section of UK policing that loved to prosecute a pop star, a celebrity, an MP (preferably Tory) or a member of the House of Lords. If the charges could stick they would proceed.
 An unknown (in the UK) Antipodean shock jock would have little chance.
But there was a problem. With Jones top lawyers and a brief would be brought into the matter to defend as Jones was adamant at pleading Not Guilty.
This meant a top QC, the sort of one who would easily vivisect a couple of  hapless constables and rip to shreds their so-called "evidence" let alone what was usually a false claim by both that they had both witnessed an illegal act. A Not Guilty result was not how it was all meant to go. This was someone who was not going quietly to his fate and slink off into the shadows.
And the media: while Jones' arrest was big news in Australia it hardly touched the sides in the UK. But Jones had pals. Rupert Murdoch for one. With two top newspapers in Britain, The Sun and The Times.

And thus the matter was shelved.

While the clamor died down an undercurrent in British politics began. A group of MPs started to demand more information on this so-called practice which looked for all the world like a nasty act of "policing" by The Met's notorious Vice Squad- a squad already believed to be riddled with corruption and involvement in Soho's sordid sex and pornography trade. How many men had been arrested? How many had plead guilty or not guilty?. Had any officers perverted the course of justice by giving false statements?. A really bad Pandora's Box was about to be opened as MPs demanded a formal inquiry. This was a matter that was not necessarily going to work to The Met's advantage.

The Met caved in.  The West End Vice Squad was disbanded and the practice of "pretty policeman" hanging around toilets and busting hapless gents ( a practice banned in NSW in the 1960s after several scandals) was banned for ever. And that really was all down to Alan Jones. His enemies really should think twice when they snigger about this episode in his life. He was after all legally innocent and charges had been dropped within days. And he possibly saved a lot of innocent men from future illegal arrests.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Sale of The Century

Former politician and Liberal Party heavyweight Michael Yabsley has put his collection of Australian ephemera up for sale at Lawson Menzies auction house. Yabsley's Wombat Hollow, an estate in the beautiful Southern Highlands has been his home for years now but for personal reasons the whole shebang is for sale and can be viewed here.
Whisper's favourite is the 1937 Chev pick-up truck with an estimated price $25,000 - $35,000. Dozens of rather wacky looking lamp stands and shades are up for grabs along with a quite extraordinary collection of old surveyors tripods and vintage tools, dozens of old oil cans and Mulga wood bits & pieces- Yabsley must have been collecting for years.
It's bound to be a popular sale in the local area where so many city elites have hobby farms. The Southern Highlands is also home to a number of notable characters including Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes currently touring Australia for an ABC TV special and Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban who snapped up the former Governor's mansion.

Michael Yabsley was an MP and Prison's Minister in the distant past who hitched his fate to former NSW Premier Nick Greiner when Greiner was the subject of  an ICAC investigation over a complicated matter which eventually saw him resign along with Yabsley in sympathy. No problem- both went on to become Liberal Party heavyweights behind the scenes.

Whisper's exclusively alluded to Yabsley's move from the Highlands and his new living arrangements in Wollooomooloo. Today Michael "outed" himself as gay in a daily newspaper. Better late than never!.
There seem to be some important moves for a small social group that includes top broadcaster Alan Jones who announced his retirement (at age 79) and the former well-liked social butterfly and top publicist Glen Marie Frost who has been down on her uppers of late for various reasons. Glen-Marie announced she had moved into a Housing Commission flat in Wooloomooloo and all we can say is : location, location, location. It has to be one of the most desirable suburbs in Sydney so well done Glen Marie !
And now that Lock Down measures have eased up lets hope Glen Marie's new business as a Marriage Celebrant goes into full flight. Honestly if you are planning to get hitched whether straight, gay or otherwise, Frost is the lady to make that special day even better.
You can contact her here at Glen Marie Frost Celebrant.

So all's well for this trio who often partied in the Southern Highlands where Jones has a rather splendid farm and where Glen Marie apparently lived for some time in a  cottage at Yabsley's Wombat Hollow- now they're all within a stone's throw of each other with Yablsey & Glen Marie in residence at The Loo and Jones who is just a hop step and jump away at his Harbour-side apartment at Circular Quay.
Speaking of Alan Jones, please come back in a few days when Whisper's will reveal some never published before facts about Alan's infamous arrest in a toilet in Piccadilly in 1988.
Many so-called "left leaning" pundits like former broadcaster Mike Carlton have been quite malicious about this event, often smugly inferring all sorts of impropriety despite the fact Jones was never prosecuted and had no intention of pleading guilty to a stitch up and despite ridiculous gossip that Jones' powerful friend (then) Lord Jeffrey Archer, a Minister in Margaret Thatcher's government somehow pulled strings. It shows an extraordinary ignorance on their part especially Carlton who was a broadcaster on a London radio station and should have known that Britain's Metropolitan Police wouldn't give a stuff about an Antipodean "shock jock" if they thought charges would stick as surely demonstrated when they eventually prosecuted  Alan's good pal Jeffrey Archer for perverting the course of justice.