Friday, June 24, 2016

High profile lawyer calls foul !

One of Australia's most successful (certainly for his clients) criminal lawyers Christopher Murphy is upset that the NSW Police have failed to charge a man who assaulted him.
Chris says he was walking home and minding his own business when he came across a 'tradie' van parked on the footpath. When he had a quiet word to the driver, the brute lashed out and clocked Murphy who despite being a fairly big man is now 68 years of age.
Murphy has reported the assault which surely comes under the One Punch laws that carry a mandatory sentence. Bashing anyone in this manner has caused recent deaths but Murphy is hitting a brick wall with the wallopers who are often on the losing side in some of Murphy's high profile cases.
 Whispers has heard talk around legal circles that other lawyers think it's an absolute disgrace the man hasn't been charged. Particularly as the offender is currently on remand for a hit and run accident as a disqualified driver. Right are some snaps Murphy took of his attacker.